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“Cynthia has been [child’s name] biggest supporter from the day she met him. She has told me of his capabilities before I ever saw them. She has always been right. She has believed in him 100% even when we were not sure. Thanks Ms. Cynthia”

“There are no words that can describe the positive impact you’ve had on our lives…there are no words!!!! No words could come close to communicating how much of a positive impact you’ve had on [child’s name] growth.”

“Cynthia is a truly determined, focused, wonderfully dynamic person.”

 “I’ve been inspired by the way you conduct yourself professionally and aspire to be the same fair, un-judgemental coworker you have been to me.”

“Many people do not realize the importance of having fun at work, but you do and you always made sure to laugh.”

“Thank you for making me a better person.”

“There are so many kids that are going to benefit from your business.”

“I really admire your patience and ability to remain calm and level headed in tough situations. I also admire your will power and determination.” 

“You are not an individual that needs to be mentored or developed. You are not a blank and unknown formula that needs to be unscrambled and rewritten in order to work or make sense. The talent and ability is already there. The only thing changing now is where your talent will be utilized.”

“Thank you so much for all that you have done this year for our child.”

“Thank you so much for your great work with [child’s name]. Your love, patience and genuine care for him made a big difference in him.”

“Thank you so much for taking such good care of our son. You are an amazing teacher and I know [child’s name] would not have been as successful with anyone else. We really appreciate your patience with him and willingness to help him succeed.” 

“Under your care, [child’s name] is growing incredibly. You really challenge her and have great instincts with her. I love that you follow through with her reading and have really challenged her with increasing language expressing and socialization with peers.”

“Dear Cynthia, We wanted to let you know how much we appreciate the personal sacrifices that you are making in order to help our son, (child’s name), thrive. Ever since we received the (somewhat grim) diagnosis of ASD and Global Developmental Delay from Marcus right before his 2nd birthday, you have seen him as we do – a big ball of energy waiting to be tapped into, not a set of numbers on a piece of paper that limit his possibilities. I admire you so much for trying to keep all the balls in the air with your professional and private lives, and I am so grateful that one of those balls that you are keeping up in the air is him!”

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